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Providing important home solar, weatherization and lead analysis services.

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The Energy Division at Community Resource Project, Inc. houses a variety of programs intended to provide additional health-related services to the families we serve.

    Weatherization is a process through which a series of home-improvements are made that increase the overall energy efficiency of the home.  The aim of the Energy Division’s weatherization program is to assist eligible, low-income families by providing education and services that facilitate energy conservation. These services are intended to reduce energy consumption in homes through the replacement of inefficient appliances (when appropriate) and minor repairs, making the home more energy efficient. Participants will also receive valuable educational materials that provide useful energy saving tips and information.
    Community Resource Project, Inc (CRP) was selected as one of the organizations to participate in the Solar for All California Pilot Project. Funded by a grant from California Department of Community Services & Development, this project installed solar photovoltaic systems into the homes of California’s low income homeowners.
  • LEAD
    Community Resource Project offers a lead-based paint hazard control program to homes that qualify in Sacramento, Sutter and Yuba County. This program targets homes Pre-1978 homes with children under the age of six residing in the home. Homes containing lead that remain untreated may result in lead poisoning. Children under the age of six are found to be the most vulnerable to lead poisoning.
  • HEAP -- Utility Bill Assistance
    The Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) can offer income-eligible residents of Sacramento, Sutter, and Yuba Counties a credit to their utility bill.  HEAP is available for customers of PG&E, SMUD, or those who heat their home using wood, propane, or oil purchased from a vendor.

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